Adam Ho—
I'm a multidisciplinary designer, focused on visual design and web interaction, based in San Francisco, and am currently a senior brand designer at Zendesk.
I've formerly worked at Pencils of Promise as a designer and photographer, and am a Designer Fund Bridge alum.
In a past life, I've started and failed at running a direct–to–consumer company, worked at an R/GA Techstars start–up, and worked in media planning at Mindshare.
When I'm not designing, I'm into E-Sports, creating handmade and digital textures, and playing dreamy reverb tunes on the electric guitar.
I am not a poster. 🤔
Select clients include Abstract, Figma, The Verge, Airtable, and MissionU.
This site has been featured on Typewolf, CSS Design Awards, and Typesample.