Selected case studies and artwork.


Selected case studies and artwork.

Recent images from various projects spanning 2d/3d illustration, web, or graphic design.

A series based on asymmetry, and geometric patterns.

Pixel art.

"Stagger", 2021

Recent case studies across mainly branding, interaction design, and graphic design.

Airbnb Luxe.

Brand identity, Art Direction

Zendesk Industries.

Art direction, Web Design


Print, layout

Designer Fund.

Brand identity, web DEsign, Design Systems

Nike ISPA.

Art direction, web design, design systems, implementation

Grove Financial.

Art direction, Web Design

The Verge.

Brand identity, Design Systems, Art Direction, Events


Art direction, Implementation, Illustration, Web design

Adam Ho is a graphic designer based in Queens, New York with a strong focus on mixed media, brand, art direction, and interaction design.

Freelance design clients include Medium, Airbnb, Square, Messenger, Dropbox, Postmates, Webflow, Stink Studios, Huge, Bitly, Petal, Grove Financial, Slate, NPR, Backdrop, Designer Fund, TheYes, Abstract, and Vox Media.

Business inquiries *only*: 

Interviews and written work: SuperHi (1), FWA (1), Dribbble (1), Communication Arts (1, 2), Interface Lovers (1), Avocode (1), UX Collective (1)